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Our Artists are Always Moving. Opportunities Left and Right. We Keep Our Costs Down For Artists on a Budget. We Get Things Done and They Get Done Right.

Individuals, but still a Collective.

Atlas Star Records has artists and affiliates all over the world and from all different genres. From hip hop, country, rock to even gospel, we have music for everyone. They are their own entities with their own brands. Sometimes, one or more of these brands will come together to create a product that everyone can support. To submit music to us to be considered for the label, click here. www.atlasstarrecords.com

The Mission

We’re all here to spread peace, love and unity through the music, but it’s deeper than that. We’re coming together from all over the world to really have an impact on the entertainment industry by helping the talent who have earned their position as part of our team to receive real recognition.


Our collection is bound to catch your attention. Style your pad as well as yourself with our second-to-none, curated collection of beautiful designs on all types of goods.

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